activity game

so hi there... we played a game

the game was called mafia

it can be played with cards

there are two-three mafia, 4 regular people and one-two detectives and one god

Each round the detective(s) take a gues as to who the mafia may be, the mafia kill one person each, and the god conveys the dead personthat he died. mafias know who the detective(s) are at the start of the game.

after each round all the people except the god and the detective give a verdict as to why they are not guilty and why someone else is.

after the verdict session, the detective chooses one person and only one person as mafia, who is removed from the game, and when no one dies after a round, the detectives win, and if everyone has died, the detective loses....


Interesting game if you ask me...

20 October, 2017
09:15 AM to 05:30 PM