Department was established in 1995 in old building in Sir Takhtsinhji Hospital campus with annual intake capacity of 50 students. In March 2000 department was shifted to newly constructed spacious college building located at Dr. Vaidhya Marg Bhavnagar. Department is located on fourth floor and has infrastructure adequate to cater the need of 150 admissions per year. In the academic year 2006-07 admission capacity was raised to 100 with the permission of medical council of india. Department also participate in teaching to students of medical laboratory teaching training course run by Directorate of Medical Education and Research, Govt. of Gujarat for inservice and outside candidates. Govt.of Gujarat has decided to apply to Central Government to raise undergraduate admission capacity to 150 from academic year 2007-08.

Department also participate in teaching to students of B.Sc. Nursing & Post Graduate courses & research.

1995-99 Dr.(Mrs)SAROJ JAIN
2000-02 Dr. K.J. MATHAI
2002-05 Dr. R. ILANTHIRAIYAN (incharge)
2005-05 Dr. T.M. CHARY
Mar 06 onwards Dr. H.O. SHARMA



A clinical biochemistry lab is runed by the Dept. in Sir T Hospital Bhavnagar. With the permission of Medical Council of India(MCI) & Ministry of Health ,the Biochemistry department is permitted to strat post graduate course with the annual intake of 2 students permitted from 2007 onwards..

  • A clinical Biochemistry lab is run by Dept. in Sir T. Hospital Bhavnagar, which is NABL recognized first government lab in INDIA.
  • With the permission of MCI & Ministry of Health, the Biochemistry is permitted to start post graduate course with the annual intake of 3 students from 2010 onwards.
  • These seats are recognized by MCI in 2013.


1st NABL accredited Government laboratory in India    

Award is given to the Dean Dr. B D Parmar & lab director Dr Hariom sharma (laboratory services Sir T Hospital, Bhavnagar) for being 1st NABL accredited Government lab in entire country by honourable Health Minister Dr Jaynarayan vyas at Golden glory hall, karnavati club Ahemedabad.


1.Certificate of appreciation for outstanding contribution in the field of healthcare quality at national conference on best practice in healthcare delivery on 29th april,2011, ahmedabad, gujrat

In presence of

1) Dr.Y.P.Bhatia ,Chairman (I.H.C.KU.F)

2)Dr. Giridhar Gyani, Secretory General Q.C of India.

3)Smt. Anjana Sharma, Commissioner Health And Secretary, Govt. of Guj.


This award is given to Dr. Hariom Sharma by Dr. Amarjeet Sinh, Commissioner of Health, Gujarat On 07/04/2009


Gold Medal in MD examination all over the university    

Dr. Tejas Shah had got Gold Medal in MD examination in bhavnagar university in year 2012.

Dr. Sahema Shaikh had



  • M.B.B.S SYLLABUS (New course)(1 year) The aim of the biochemistry teaching of 1st mbbs students is to provide comprehesive knowledge of the normal functions of the cell and sub cellular components,normal structure and functions principle biomolecules,normal metabolism and associated clinical disorders.
  • M.D. SYLLABUS (New course) (3 year) The aim of the biochemistry teaching of MD students, MD students is to provide the knowledge of clinical co-relation between biochemical changes with clinical disease.

There are two parts of Examinations

  • Theory
    • Paper I : 40 Marks
    • Paper II : 40 Marks(2 Hours)
    • Internal : 20 Marks
  • Practical
    • Exercise - 1 : 20 Marks
    • Exercise - 2 : 20 Marks
    • Oral(Viva Voce) : 20 Marks
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