Examination Pattern

Master of Surgery Examination

    1. There shall be four examiners including two external and two internal. One of the internal examiners will be the Head of Department and he she shall be chairman/Convener. The second internal examiner shall be next senior most member of faculty of the department provided he/she is eligible for such duty. The necessity of an external examiner is to maintain the standard of the examination at the National level. All examiners must be a full time teacher with requisite experience as per MCI guidelines. Hony teacher with previous full time experience (of 10 years standing) may only be made examiners if there does not exist nay a full time qualified faculty under the same university/college. No Hony. Faculty shall be made a chairman/convener of the examination.


    1. The external examiners will be asked to send two sets of question papers for the theory examination. There will be 2 external examiners from a different university so that the number of questions available, will be double the which will be given to the student in the moderate papers. The Chief internal examiner or Chairman/Convener will moderate it and finally make two sets of question paper, containing 8-10 shorts questions. He/she shall send both sets of such papers to the university and university will decide to give one of the sets to the students.


    1. All examiners shall be jointly responsible for the examination. In presence of the external examiners, the Chairman and the internal examiner shall make the necessary arrangements for conducting the final examination. Not more than 4 students will be evaluated/examined per day in any Center. For different College/Institution, separate examination center/examiners may be arranged/appointed for convenience and proper administration of the final examination. While preparing the final results, formative assessment of the students shall be taken into consideration and the results will be sent to the university under seal cover.


Final Examination

the Final Examination shall consist of

  • Theory exams four papers
  • Practical Exams : One long case, Two short cases, Two table.
  • The Theory Examination

Paper No



Total Marks (400)

Paper - I

Sec I 
Sec II

Basic Science 
General Surgical
Principles and Orthopaedic surgeries


Paper - II


MCQ's pertaining to orthopedics


Paper - III

Sec I
Sec II

Princiles and practice of Orthopaedics Traumatology


Paper - IV


Recent Advances / Current Orthopaedics