Subject curriculum

I.Curriculum of studies:the curriculum is prescribed by

(To be filled by thedean/Principal along with Head of the department) :bhavnagar university as per

MCI guidelines. Enclosed in Curriculum in the subjects of Obst. Gynae. as prescribed by MCI

(a copy of the detailed curriculum along with the departmental andeducational objectives of the Subjectmay be appended). : Annexure-1


II. Methodology

1)Total duration of clinical postings: 24 weeks

2)Didactic Lectures: yes

3)Demonstrationsof surgical instruments, surgicalProcedures, FP proceduresLike Cut insertion, TL oper, Etc

4)Tutorials :daily as per unit wise postings.

5)Seminars conducted during the year.: (Number of students attending each)

6)Practicals: demonstration of surgical, pathological Specimens in obst. Gync of minorProcedures like catheterization, IVEpisiotomy etc.

7)Duration of operation theatre postings :as per unit wise postings

8)Duration of labour postings and the number :as per unit wise posting inof cases observed/conducted by a studentrotation 20 cases-labour

9)Bedside Clinics: yes

10)How many hours does a student spend : 3 hrs daily during clinical postingdaily in the wards for clerkship

11)Average number of students : Posted at a time for indoor/OPD postings15-2

12)Do students write case histories Delivery notes in a prescribed book. : yes, 20 case histories each forAntenatal and obst cases

13)Are they corrected? : yes

14)If so, by whom? :By assistant prof.

15) Is the clinical work done in the wards by the students assessed periodically? : yes

16) If so, how often and by whom? :Weekly by senior staff member

17) Total period of attendance in OPD by a student throughout clinical trainingas per unit wise posting

18) Is it done concurrently with the inpatients Wards postings? : senior staff member

19) Who gives them training to attend to casualties?: senior staff member

20) How is the outpatient teaching organised?:In OPD clinic teaching room

21)Do students attend clinico-pathological conferences? : yes

22)If so, on an average how often during the whole period of Obst. Gynae. Postings? : as per unit wise posting

23)Any other teaching/training activities : yes, through video cassetes

24) Is there any integrated teaching? If yes, details there of : Yes, as per curriculum

25)Records : Methods of Assessment thereof? : Case presentationHistory taking Antenatal delivery cards Presence during their posting Labour room duties (Time table of lectures, demonstrations, seminars, tutorials, practical, OPD and(indoor postings etc. may be given) annexure 13

26)Internship training programme annexure 4

a)Period of posting in the department 2 months obs Gync. IncludigFP

b)Method of assessment of Internshipas above:(please attach a copy of log bookOPD

assessment sheet). wards theatreemergency.